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Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Extradition of Yassin Al Eter


Yassin Al Eter

(Picture of Yassin Al Eter)

The Cedar Centre for Legal Studies (CCLS) is deeply concerned about the situation facing Yassin Al Eter, a Syrian national currently detained in Lebanon. Mr. Al Eter’s case highlights serious human rights issues and the urgent need for intervention to prevent his potential extradition to Syria.

Yassin Al Eter, aged 31, entered Lebanon in 2012. In 2018, he was arrested and referred afterwards to the Military Court in Beirut with accusations related to joining a terrorist organization and possessing explosives. In May 2022, Al Eter was sentenced to ten years imprisonment by the military court, but his lawyer appealed the sentence in June 2022.

On 18 December 2023, the Military Court of Cassation granted Mr. Al Eter release on bail with a travel ban. Although his family paid the bail but he was subsequently remained in detention by the General Directorate of General Security in Beirut. On 28 December 2023, the legal team at CCLS submitted a request to stop the deportation to the Public Prosecutor of Cassation Court. On 23 December 2023, Cedar Centre reported about his case to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon.

On 25 January 2024, Lebanese General Security issued a decision to deport Yassin Al Eter to Syria. After campaign by the legal team at CCLS on social media, the decision was suspended. On 15 February 2024, Mr Al Eter was informed by members of General Security that there is a decision issued by the Public Prosecutor of Cassation Court to keep him detained until his next session in May 2024 in the Military Court of Cassation; of which he was originally released. He is currently being held in the General Security Detention Centre in Beirut.

We urgently call on all responsible authorities to prevent the extradition of Yassin Al Eter. Taking into consideration by the recent increasing number of extraditions to Syria, Mr. Al Eter has a justified fear that he too will be extradited to Syria and there be subjected to arbitrary detention and torture due being an opposition to the Syrian regime.  It is imperative that Mr. Al Eter’s rights and safety are protected. We urge the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon and other relevant stakeholders to intervene and ensure that Mr. Al Eter receives the necessary support and protection.

Syria remains unsafe, despite Lebanon’s reliance on what are referred to as voluntary returns and recent discussions within the European Union regarding the so-called safe zones in Syria.

The case of Yassin Al Eter underscores the importance of upholding human rights and protecting individuals at risk of deportation to unsafe environments. We must act swiftly and decisively to prevent further harm to Mr. Al Eter and ensure that justice is served.