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Case Study

Handcuffed soldier in military army clothes
Arbitrary Arrest and Torture of Rabih Fadel Zakaria


This case study examines the grave injustices faced by Mr. Rabih Fadel Zakaria (ربيع فاضل زكريا), a Lebanese citizen born on February 20, 1983. Mr. Zakaria served in the Lebanese Army for over 18.5 years. His experiences highlight significant human rights violations, including torture, arbitrary detention, and wrongful dismissal.



Lebanese Authorities Should Not Deport Jumaa Laheeb


The Cedar Centre for Legal Studies (CCLS) urgently brings to light the case of Jumaa Mohammad Laheeb, a Syrian researcher affiliated with the Research and Studies Department of the opposition Syrian Future Movement. On 28 November 2011, he arrived in Lebanon with his family. However, recent developments on 06 March 2024 have seen the issuance of a decision by the Lebanese General Security to deport him and his family back to Syria,

Arrested man with handcuffs on wrists
A Palestinian Refugee Faces the Risk of Deportation to Syria


The Cedar Centre for Legal Studies (CCLS) draws attention to an urgent case of a currently detained Palestinian refugee concerning his possible deportation from Lebanon to Syria. This alarming situation contradicts Article 3 of the United Nations’ Convention against Torture and Lebanon’s commitments under the general international law principle of non-refoulement.


The Lebanese government must urgently and immediately cease the forced deportation of Syrian refugees

23 May 2024

We, the undersigned organizations, are deeply concerned about the recent measures taken by the Lebanese government regarding the deportation of Syrian refugees to areas inside Syria considered unsafe and about the session of the Lebanese Parliament that was held to hold the government accountable regarding the Syrian displacement in Lebanon on Wednesday, 15 May 2024 for the immediate deportation of displaced Syrians who are irregularly present in Lebanon.

Seeking Social Justice in Lebanon

20 February 2024

On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, the Cedar Centre for Legal Studies reaffirms its unwavering commitment to achieving social justice, equality, and human rights in Lebanon. This year’s theme, “Bridging Gaps, Building Alliances,” resonates deeply with our mission to create a more just and inclusive society. Cedar Centre attempts to bridge the gap related to illegalised migration. After 2019, Lebanon turned into a country of transit and immigration due to the absence of any requirements for a decent life there.

Lebanon faces pressing challenges related to social justice, exacerbated by economic hardships and political instability.

Lebanon: Seeking Justice for Migrants

06 February 2024

Since 2014, February 6th has been globally recognized as the “Global Day of CommemorAction”, dedicated to commemorating and remembering the lives lost, those who have gone missing, and individuals forcefully disappeared at sea and borders worldwide.

On this occasion, the below-mentioned local and international civil society organizations unite in a call to remember the injustices against those who have died and gone missing while attempting to cross seas and borders globally. This is especially poignant for the so-called irregular migrants facing tragic fates, including those who sought to leave Lebanon in recent years.


Inside Roumieh Prison
Study: Prisons in Lebanon Between Rights and Reality


The study addresses the challenges and problems people are facing in prisons and detention centres in Lebanon. The study conducted and published by Cedar Centre for Legal Studies presents the reality of prisons in Lebanon in light of the current, political, economic and health crisis. The study raises the question if there are political measures to protect detainees and prisoners in light of these crises. Prisons, in general, are significant places for diseases, especially infectious diseases, due to the high prevalence of risk factors for infection and actual infection…

Event of 06 Feb 2024: CommemorAction for the Dead, Missing, and Forcefully Disappeared at Sea and the Borders


Yesterday, on the Global Day that marks on 06 February, the Cedar Centre for Legal Studies (CCLS) in Tripoli organized an event together with relatives of the dead, missing and forcefully disappeared at Sea and at the Borders. This event, which was held in Safadi Cultural Centre, was organised as well with survivors of shipwrecks, researchers, activists and lawyers. The Global Day of CommemorAction is 6 February because 10 years ago, on 6 February 2014, several hundred people were attacked…

Pic_Roundatable on 26 June 2023
Organizing a roundtable discussion on the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture


the roundtable welcomed key speakers, including former Bar Association president Mohamed Al-Murad, Zain Ayyoub representing the UN Human Rights Commission in the Middle East and North Africa, former sanctions reduction committee chairman Judge Hamza Sheref al-Din, government commissioner to the United Nations Ahmed Taleb, Edmund Madlaj representing the National Human Rights Committee…

Group of feminist women have protest for their rights outdoors

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Our goal is to promote a legal culture and civic engagement in Lebanon

Cedar Center for Legal Studies is a civil, non-profit company, established in Lebanon in 2013 and registered with No. 609. It is an independent, non-sectarian center and is not affiliated with any political parties. It is concerned with spreading the culture of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.



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Embark on a journey of exploration and understanding as we delve into comprehensive studies and research initiatives dedicated to unraveling the complexities surrounding human rights. Our commitment lies in dissecting critical topics, examining policies, and engaging with communities to unearth insights that pave the way for informed advocacy, policy reform, and lasting societal impact. Join us at the forefront of knowledge creation, where every study becomes a catalyst for positive change in the realm of human rights.

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Conduct comprehensive studies to assess the impact of policies, legislation, or societal changes on human rights.

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