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Thematic Units

Welcome to the heart of knowledge and exploration at Cedar Centre for Legal Studies – our Thematic Units. Each unit is a dedicated hub of expertise, focusing on specific areas of legal studies with a commitment to in-depth research, education, and advocacy. As we delve into diverse facets of the legal landscape, our thematic units serve as dynamic platforms for understanding, engagement, and impactful change.

1. Human Rights and Social Justice Unit: Embark on a journey to comprehend the intricate intersections of law, human rights, and social justice. This unit delves into the protection and promotion of fundamental rights, exploring issues of equality, inclusion, and social reform. Through research, education, and advocacy, we strive to contribute to a world where the principles of human rights are upheld for all.

2. Mediation and arbitration Unit: In Lebanon, mediation and arbitration play crucial roles in the resolution of disputes, offering alternative mechanisms to the traditional court system. Since 2020, Cedar Centre for Legal Studies began to work on this method as a preferable for its flexibility, confidentiality, and the potential to preserve relationships. The Lebanese legal system recognizes and supports both mediation and arbitration, to contribute to the promotion and implementation of these alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce the burden on the traditional court system.

3. Rehabilitation victims of torture Unit: Rehabilitating victims of torture in Lebanon presents a multifaceted challenge, requiring a comprehensive and sensitive approach. Since 2023, Cendar Centre for Legal Studies has started to mobilize efforts in order to prioritize the physical, psychological, and social well-being of survivors, recognizing the complex interplay of trauma on multiple levels. Building awareness and advocating for policies that condemn torture and support victims are also vital steps toward a more compassionate and just society in Lebanon.

4. Access to Justice and Legal Empowerment Unit: This unit is dedicated to breaking down barriers to justice. By examining access to legal resources, empowering communities with legal knowledge, and advocating for equitable legal systems, we strive to create a society where justice is not a privilege but a right accessible to all.

5. Comparative Legal Systems and Global Governance Unit: In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding diverse legal systems is paramount. This unit delves into comparative legal studies, exploring different legal traditions, global governance structures, and their impact on international relations. By fostering cross-cultural understanding, we contribute to a more harmonious and just global legal landscape.

Explore each Thematic Unit to discover a wealth of resources, research findings, educational programs, and advocacy initiatives. At Cedar Centre for Legal Studies, our thematic units are catalysts for informed dialogue, positive change, and the advancement of legal studies in service to society.

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