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Lebanese Authorities Should Not Deport Jumaa Laheeb



The Cedar Centre for Legal Studies (CCLS) urgently brings to light the case of Jumaa Mohammad Laheeb, a Syrian researcher affiliated with the Research and Studies Department of the opposition Syrian Future Movement. On 28 November 2011, he arrived in Lebanon with his family. However, recent developments on 06 March 2024 have seen the issuance of a decision by the Lebanese General Security to deport him and his family back to Syria, exposing them to severe risks under the Syrian authorities.

Arrested man with handcuffs on wrists
A Palestinian Refugee Faces the Risk of Deportation to Syria



The Cedar Centre for Legal Studies (CCLS) draws attention to an urgent case of a currently detained Palestinian refugee concerning his possible deportation from Lebanon to Syria. This alarming situation contradicts Article 3 of the United Nations’ Convention against Torture and Lebanon’s commitments under the general international law principle of non-refoulement.

Yassin Al Eter
Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Extradition of Yassin Al Eter



The Cedar Centre for Legal Studies (CCLS) is deeply concerned about the situation facing Yassin Al Eter, a Syrian national currently detained in Lebanon. Mr. Al Eter’s case highlights serious human rights issues and the urgent need for intervention to prevent his potential extradition to Syria.

Disappearance of a Syrian in Lebanon Sparks Concern



The recent disappearance of Rafaat Falih, following his arrest in Lebanon on 10 January 2024, has raised serious concerns regarding the possibility of his extradition from Lebanon to Syria. The number of unlawful extraditions from Lebanon to Syria has steadily increased in recent months.


Mystery Surrounds Fate of 85 Migrants in Cypriot Waters


On December 11, 2023, a group of 85 people, including 50 women and children, embarked on an irregular journey from Lebanon via boat. The majority are Syrians, with others being Lebanese.

A defected Syrian officer is at risk of extradition from Lebanon to Syria


A.S, is a Syrian defected officer. He was serving with Syrian Intelligence forces before he fled to Lebanon in 2014.

Years later, he registered with UNHCR as asylum seeker.


prison-watchtower-protected-by-wire-prison-fence-white-prison-wall-guard-tower-with-coiled-barbed-wire-criminal-justice-imprisonment-concept (1)
A new case at risk of extradition to Syria


In 2014, Mohammad had arrived Lebanon with his family. He knew later he is wanted by the Syrian Military Forces and Syrian State Security and is wanted as well to do the obligatory Military Service.



A Syrian refugee is at risk of extradition from Lebanon to Syria


Abdul Hadi Abdul Bari Al-Othman is a Syrian registered as an asylum-seeker with the UNHCR in Lebanon since 2013. He resides in Koura-Tripoli, Lebanon.


Migrants from Lebanon abducted in Libya


On August 10, 2023, two boats, each carrying 110 migrants, departed Lebanon’s northern shore in Akkar, attempting to irregular sea journey across the Mediterranean toward Italy. The Lebanese Army thwarted one of the boats, while the other one managed to cross into regional waters. Among the 110 migrants are 37 children, 14 women and 59 men, around 90 percent of whom are Syrians.



8 October 2023

The case of M.A

A, is a Syrian seeker asylum. On 22 September 2023, he was arrested by the Lebanese State Security Forces from his home in Al Rahma Camp in Bekaa, east of Lebanon. He was accused of violating the rules of residency in Lebanon.