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International Migrants Day 2023: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Contributions Globally



Checking Temperature Of Refugee Child
Checking Temperature Of Refugee Child

Lebanon, 18 December 2023 – As the world commemorates International Migrants Day on December 18, the Cedar Centre for Legal Studies reflects on the resilience, courage and sustainable contributions of millions of individuals who have crossed borders in search of dignity, better opportunities, and a more liveable future. Although most migrants were facing smear and discrimination campaigns against them this year, the migrant communities continue to play an important role in the social fabric and economic development of the country.

Lebanon, a nation known for its rich history and diverse culture, has also been known for its history of migration. Both in the ancient paths of Lebanese migration and as a destination country for migrants from different regions. On this International Migrants Day, we recognise the challenges faced by migrants in Lebanon or in the Lebanese diaspora abroad and applaud their invaluable contributions to the nation’s growth and the country’s socio-economic landscape.

The global theme for International Migrants Day 2023 is “Act today for a better tomorrow for all: Improving the health of migrants to unleash the power of migration.” From the bustling streets of Beirut to the tranquil landscapes of the Beqaa Valley, migrants in Lebanon have become an integral part of the nation’s identity. And together with the Lebanese diaspora, which numbers around 14 million people and is also part of every country in the world, migrants are shaping everyday realities everywhere. On this International Migrants Day, let us acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of migrants in Lebanon and Lebanese migrants around the world who, against all odds, have established themselves as entrepreneurs, professionals and community co-creators. Their stories are a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of diversity.

Despite the positive impact of migrants in Lebanon, it is essential to address the challenges they face, including access to education, healthcare, and fair employment opportunities. The global community must work together to create an inclusive environment in which the rights and dignity of all migrants are respected. International Migrants Day serves as a reminder that migration is a shared human experience that has always transcended borders. It is an opportunity for governments, organisations, and individuals to come together and foster dialogue and cooperation to create a world in which migrants are treated with dignity and respect.

On this International Migrants Day, join us in celebrating Lebanon’s cultural tapestry and recognising the significant contributions of migrants to the nation’s growth and development. Let us strive for a world where there is unity in diversity and where every migrant has the opportunity to flourish.

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